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New Puppy Consultation

£55.00 (Coming soon)

My New Puppy Consultations are designed for new puppy owners who want to learn all there is to know about how to train, care for, and socialise their new addition, to set the foundation for a long and happy relationship with their family pet for the years to come.

Designed for puppies under the age of 16 weeks, ideally this consultation would take place right away, very soon after your new puppy arrives home. The earlier you book, the more we are able to take advantage of your brand new blank canvas, and instil good routines right from the very beginning to ensure your puppy grows up well-socialised, well-behaved, and well-trained!

During the consultation, you will learn about:

 •   Socialising your puppy (this includes meeting other dogs, and exposing your dog to the world in
     the right way and at the right time to avoid the development of phobias)
 •   House training
 •   Getting through the night (crate training – if you wish to use a crate)
 •   Acclimatising your dog to separation – avoid the development of separation anxiety
 •   How to play with your dog, and train appropriate play behaviours, plus explore a range of
     stimulating games and activities you can both enjoy
 •   Basic obedience training, including ‘sit’, ‘lay down’, ‘stay’, and ‘leave it’
 •   Basic leadwork and recall
 •   How to deal with mouthing, chewing and teething
 •   How to stop your puppy from nipping and jumping up
 •   Acclimatisation to appropriate handling (ideal for visits to the vets, groomers, etc.)
 •   Canine communication and body language – how you can understand what your dog is saying to

Once you book, I will personally get in touch with you via email to confirm your order, and send you a digital copy of Ian Dunbar’s ‘Before You Get Your Puppy’ and ‘After You Get Your Puppy’.  We will then arrange a convenient time for your consultation to take place. There is no time-limit to a New Puppy Consultation, I will stay until you are confident and happy that you have learned everything you wish to (plus an extra 5 minutes for more puppy cuddles!).

As well as one-to-one training and guidance, I will also provide you with all the necessary handouts for you to refer back to as your puppy grows, and you will also receive a Listen Dog Goody Bag, containing a training lanyard, clicker, recall whistle, and training treats.

For 2 weeks following our consultation, I will be available via telephone and email for advice, support and further trouble-shooting as and when you need it.  

My ultimate goal is to see as many puppies grow up to be happy, healthy and relaxed adults, who are enjoyed by their families, and their four-legged friends at the park alike.

To Summarise, You Will Receive:

•  A digital copy of Dr Ian Dunbar’s ‘Before You Get Your Puppy’
•  A digital copy of Dr Ian Dunbar’s ‘After You Get Your Puppy’
•  A digital copy of our 68-page Listen Dog Training Planner
•  A one-to-one consultation tailored to you and your puppy
•  All relevant training handouts
•  Listen Dog Goodie Bag, containing;
       -  Training Lanyard
       -  Clicker
       -  Recall Whistle
       -  Training Treats
•  Open telephone and email communication for 2 weeks following our consultation

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