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Introduce Your Dog to One of the Best Dog Walkers in Peterborough

By listendogtraining, Sep 13 2017 10:09AM

It may come as no surprise, that as Listen Dog Training (and my addiction to spending as much time as is humanly possible with all your gorgeous dogs!) has grown over the past year, it seemed only sensible that we add another string to the bow, and offer dog walking in Peterborough to our expanding list of services.

As those of you who have worked with me will know, exercising your dog adequately and regularly is the first step in any successful training plan – no matter what your behaviour issue, having an under-exercised dog just isn't helping!

But as well as providing enough exercise, it’s also important that you provide the right kind of exercise. For example, taking a dog-reactive dog on an hour’s walk in an area full of other dogs and allowing him to lunge, bark and throw himself way over threshold every day isn’t doing anything to help alleviate that dog’s anxiety. Similarly, allowing an adolescent dog to run around off-lead and pester other pedestrians, dogs, squirrels and birds for an hour at the local park is not going to do anything for the frustrated owner who’s desperate to build a reliable recall.

As a trainer, I fully understand that every single dog has a unique set of needs when it comes to exercise, learning, and mental stimulation, and what is beneficial for one can be entirely detrimental to another.

If you are looking for a local dog walker who is experienced enough to ensure your dog gets their daily dose of fun, as well as the right amount of exercise, positive reinforcement, and – besides everything else – a very welcome break from waiting alone all day for you to return from work, then Listen Dog’s Dog Walking Services should be your first port of call.

I treat every dog I walk as though they were my own, taking the time to get to know their quirks and their worries, what brightens up their afternoons and what they’re not so keen on, to ensure that their time with me is fun, rewarding, and worthwhile.

If you have a reactive dog, a fearful dog, a dog who pulls like a steam train or any other kind of kooky canine, don’t worry! I have a wealth of experience as a trainer dealing with these kinds of dogs, and if you’d like me to, I can do my best to help with these issues on our regular walks.

If you’d like to find out more about the daily dog walking places I still have available, email me now at, or check out the Dog Walking page on the website!

Introduce your dog to one of the best dog walkers in Peterborough, and he’ll love you for it!

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